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Diagnosis: Migraine. 

I was suffering from what felt like a migraine headache for several years. Sometimes nothing seemed to help except a quiet room and sleep. Once I changed primary care doctors, it was recommended that I go to see Dr. Lempert for further evaluation. The doctor suggested that the source for my headache could be my diet and recommended some very easy changes. To my surprise, my headaches have stopped. 

− SH, January 2012



Diagnosis:Headache, severe neck pain, vertebral artery dissection. 

I have been having severe pain in my neck shooting up to my head for a couple of months. I went to my primary doctor and two neurosurgeons. Two MRIs were done but the problem was not found. I went to see another primary doctor who referred me to Dr. Larissa Lempert. After thoroughexamination she sent me to the hospital. More MRIs were done. Finally, my problem was diagnosed. Dr. Lempert explained to me that I had a tear in one of my blood vessels in my neck, which also had a blood clot inside. That was the cause of me having the pain in my neck and my head. She also explained how that could happen and what should be done about it. If it was not for her, I might not be here today. I also want to thank my primary doctor for referring me to Dr. Lempert. 

− ER, January 2012



Diagnosis:Cluster headache

I was getting headaches which at first started in the evening around January 2011. My headaches went from the back of my neck to both sides of my eyes. This happened at least once, sometimes twice a day.Finally in March of 2011 I went to see Dr. Lempert for treatment. She ran some tests and then put me on a planned treatment procedure (she diagnosed me to have Cluster Headaches). Since being treated by Dr. Lempert I have not had any more headaches and I am following her instructions forfollow up measures. Thank you, Dr. Lempert !!!


- LM, January 2012




I have been under Dr. Lempert's medical care formigraine and sciatica. I have been suffering from migraines since I was four years old; I am 41 years old now. I have also for a few years been suffering from Sciatica. It's been about six months that I have been under the medical care of Dr. Larissa Lempert. Dr. Lempert and her medical assistants did medical evaluations of my conditions. Dr. Lempert suggested that I make some dietary changes and some life modifications. I decided that I did not want to be in pain any more. The first week of treatment I only had three migraine attacks of a half hour each, instead of being in pain with migraines 6 days in a week (all day long). The second week I had no migraines. I have been migraine free since that time. The sciatica took about a month to feel better. I am pain free from my sciatica. I no longer feel pain. Dr. Lempert has helped me immediately. I have a better quality of life and health because of Dr. Lempert's medical care. I am truly thankful to her and her caring staff. 


- ML, January 2012



Diagnosis: Seizure. 

I have been very impressed with Dr. Lempert. She has been one of the most thorough and caring doctors I've ever seen and has made the scary experience of having to go through neurological tests much more relaxing than I could ever have thought it would be. Her knowledge is extensive and I would recommend her to anyone. 


- AS, December 2011. 



Diagnosis: spinal cord compression, spinal tumor. 


I am 24 years old. In early May of2011 I was experiencing slight paralysis in the lower part of my body. I had no clue as to what was happening to me. I'd search high and low for answers. However, in a couple of weeks I could hardly walk. I finally found out about Dr. Lempert through my god-mother. Dr. Lempert gave me several tests and quickly found the problem. Right away, she called EMS to take me to the hospital, where she ran more tests on me and diagnosed me with a rare cancer. An immediate surgery took place where the tumor was removed from around my spine. It went very well and doctors say that I was lucky that Dr. Lempert was so persistent. I could have died if I waited a week longer. Dr. Lempert is my life saver and I owe her a lot. I am now almost 100% back to normal. Thank you, Dr. Lempert!!


- DJ, December 2011. 



Diagnosis: Multiple sclerosis. 


I was living a normal life when all of a sudden, in June 2009, at the age of 29, I became unable to move my legs. I was hospitalized, lots of tests were done, including multiple MRIs, blood tests, head scans and spinal tapsandfinally I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was devastated. Thankfully, after treatments withhigh dose steroids, and then prednisone pills, my strength came back to me. I was seen by a neurologist, who told me that the only treatment for my condition were injections that I'd have to take till the rest of my life (at that time there was no oral treatment for multiple sclerosis). I did not want to start injections and told my neurologist. He said that this is the only treatment that he can offer and if I refuse to take it, I better find another neurologist. I was very nervous when I was looking for a neurologist because I was afraid that the same situation might happen again. My friend recommended Dr. Lempert. The very first second I saw Dr. Lempert all my worries disappeared. Dr. Lempert was very kind and understanding. She listened very carefully to my worries and concerns. I told her that injections where not an option for me and Dr. Lempert understood. My condition is very stable, I am doing well and I am extremely happy that I met Dr. Lempert. 


- KD, December 2011


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