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How We Can Help

In our state of the art facility, we provide the best care for our clients. We examine the root cause of your stress, fatigue, anxiety, concentration problems, attention difficulties, memory issues and sleep problems, and then work on addressing the cause, not just masking the symptoms.

We carefully examine your systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, excretory, nervous, immune, endocrine to find out if you have any underlying conditions that contribute to stress and stress related issues. If necessary, we perform blood work, imaging studies, such as MRI, CT, ultrasound, comprehensive sleep study test, nerve conduction velocity and electromyography, encephalogram, and other tests to properly diagnose and address your problem.

In our office, you will find a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our highly trained staff provides the utmost care to each and every patient. After careful examination and diagnosing, we recommend the treatment which will be unique for you and your condition. We will work to improve the functioning of your nervous system, especially autonomic nervous system and its sympathetic and parasympathetic branches which play the major role is stress and stress related conditions.

We implicate the newest technology and treatment options to achieve the best possible results. By improving your autonomic nervous system and its branches, you might notice improvements in your other symptoms. Please, refer to SYSTEMS AFFECTED BY STRESS in our website to learn more on stress impact on cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, excretory, endocrine, immune, nervous, sexual and reproductive systems.


 In our office we will use special techniques, including visual, auditory stimulations, proprioception, temperature challenges and photo stimulation to disengage your fight and flight response, allowing your physiology to return to equilibrium or “relaxing response”.  As mentioned by many outstanding researchers and specialists on this topic, this is a compensatory repair, renew and recharge state that brings you back to balance.


Your sensory organs provide crucial input for the brain to process information and guard your entire body, as well as influence the work of all your organs. Prior to getting to the brain cortex (“the thinking part of the brain”), sensory impulses travel through the special part of the brain, called Thalamus. It was discovered that Thalamus plays an important role in memory and emotions. Certain regions of Thalamus can be responsible for behavioral neurological signs and symptoms such as confusion, agitation, lack of initiative behavior, disorientation, memory issues, as well as mood swings. Thalamic problems may cause sensory disturbances and pain, and even play a role in auditory and visual hallucinations.

In our office we use programs that provide a calming effect on your sympathetic nervous system, calm down and relax your entire body, your muscles, send positive impulses to your Thalamus and the cortex of the brain that is responsible for the visual, auditory stimulations as well as vibration and proprioception.

Tests and procedures that can be performed in the office:

Neurobehavioral evaluation

Routine & Video EEG

Prolonged EEG monitoring

Complete Neuromuscular Evaluation

Nerve Conduction Study



Visual Evoked Potential

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential

Sensory Evoked Potential

Pain Treatment with Trigger Point Stimulations

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for pain relief.

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